ENLIGHTEN RECOVERY  is an organization dedicated to supporting individuals in any stage of addiction or mental health recovery from pre-contemplation to long-term recovery in filling the void left by removing harmful substances or behaviors from your life.

The Enlighten Recovery philosophy is to meet every individual who wishes to recover where they are, encouraging a balance of traditional approaches to addiction and mental health recovery with a mindful, realistic, spiritual and holistic, whole-self perspective.

The cornerstone of successful recovery from substance use and mental health disorders is having access and support to a wide range of services, including safe spaces which to improve and enhance health and wellness. These include

  • Sober & Transitional Living Environments
  • Drop-In Wellness Centers
  • Harm Reduction Education & Implementation Services
  • Rehabilitative Job Training and employment opportunities.

Not only are these services imperative to long-term, successful recovery, but are also beneficial to our communities.

Our goal is to support and treat individuals seeking recovery from mental health and substance use issues as individuals, increasing their ability to achieve long-term successful recovery.